After recently completing the whole30.  Healthy eating started off good but quickly went sideways when the weekend arrived.  Being cooped up in conference rooms all day – it was great to get out and explore Portland and hang out with old friends.

I need to get back on the diet when I return home. Here are the list of things I ate that I probably shouldn’t have.

  • Yakatori gonna @ Japanese tea garden
  • tortilla chips (Tostitos hint of lime) – so good.
  • chocolates/kit Katz from japan
  • Rockstars (diet)
  • Whiskey (woodford, bulleit)
  • mango sticky rice @ pok pok
  • white rice
  • beer and cherry cider
  • Slice of pizza @ sizzle pie
  • dim sum
  • artesian churros @ 180
  • fried chicken @ woodman’s tavern

Matcha break

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While in roam in PDX


Monday Monday

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So much has happened in the past year.  Even another trip to Japan.  I’ll be back soon with some more content.

Kyoto Bound

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I’m charging up before I make the trek over to Kyoto today.  Charging up as in myself with 2 warm cans of coffee (yes, cans!) and secondly my laptop.  I’m literally sitting in the lobby of my hotel since it is the only area that has an American power outlet.  Last night, one of the hotel workers at the front desk suggested that I go to Bic Camera to buy a power adapter for Japanese outlets.  However, when I came back the one in my room required a screwdriver for the ground connector.  They didn’t have a screwdriver for me to use in the lobby or it was just lost in translation.  Ok, back to coffee.  I’ll update this with more trip notes once my coffee has kicked in and my laptop is all charged up.

Ohayoo Japan

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It’s around 6:30am on Tuesday morning here in Japan.  I arrived in Japan late Sunday night.  On top of that, my connecting flight in Incheon was delayed 15 minutes and held up on the runway for another 15-20 minutes.  I was pretty drained so I fell asleep as soon I got on the plane.  It was probably around 3am back home.  Landed in Haneda and stayed at the hotel which was connected to the airport so that was pretty convenient since I arrived at about 11:30pm and still had to wait for my bag at baggage claim.  I rarely travel with a suitcase that I need to pick up a baggage claim.  However, this is my first long trip in quite a while.  My previous international trip was to Vancouver B.C which isn’t as far as Japan.
I woke up at 7:00am on Monday.  It was a holiday in Japan.  Vernal Equinox day. It’s also the start of spring.  I don’t believe there was as many people out as a regular business day but it was pretty crowded everywhere nonetheless. … laptop is about to die and the outlet is a uses a different power adapter.  Go figure.  More to come later.


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A week ago I caught a flu like sickness.  It might’ve been the flu.  It was more of an intense sinus cold.  I was down for the count all of last weekend and most of Monday.  I was almost recovered on Tuesday and worked from home on Wednesday just to minimize the risk of spreading it around at work even more than it was going around already.

I probably watched:


  • 2 packs of cough, vitamin c drops.
  • 3 packets of thera flu
  • 2 aspirin
  • 4 tylenol
  • a gallon of oJ
  • 3 bowl of pho.

Crazy. Now I’m trying to catch up from last week before my trip to Japan.


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In the last couple weeks, I’ve occasionally started to write words out in hiragana.  This helped me remember some of the characters actually.  Tonight I started writing out a few words and even some sentences.  It’s a challenge but once I get a sentence put together it’s quite a mini accomplishment.  As one of my lessons got cancelled – some hiragana writing practice tonight:

  • misc characters
  • love
  • stomach
  • to meet
  • to chase
  • many/much
  • blue
  • red
  • squid
  • I (watashi)
  • Ed
  • is
  • I am Ed
  • peace
  • please

I’ve actually also reviewed the main characters of katakana but now I just need to study and review these as well.  My name, and what I wrote out, is actually in katakana and not hiragana.