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Finding the groove.  Now that I’ve gotten my list down it’s time to make small daily habits for that incremental and gradual progress.

Gym was closed on Monday.  So I missed a couple days with workouts – Monday and Tuesday.

My apps of the week:

  • japanese (kana/kanji app)
  • memrise
  • quizlet


The B List

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A somewhat non-climatic but productive weekend.  I was able to clean out a portion of my garage and subsequently the room for my home office.  I am really enjoying my Friday Japanese lessons.  The time flies by and I feel like I’m hanging out with a friend.

On that note, last week,  I had a ton (abnormal) amount of Japanese lessons.  I guess it could be normal, as it was initial eval lessons for my future tutors/teachers/sensees for the most part.  After the completion of my third week – I’ve narrowed it down and found my 2 Japanese sensees and likely my B list teacher for bi-weekly lessons.  There’s also a B list and C list.  I’ll likely contact B list when I need to focus on something specific through my interactions with the A list.

Most of the teachers I interacted with were great, there were a couple that seemed like it was their first time or they are just starting out and they don’t really have a plan or syllabus except to go through the basic greetings which is ground zero for learning Japanese.  It’s pretty much how most of the beginner books start out.  There were a couple that were very critical and some that were very patient.

When I first set out on looking for a Japanese tutor I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for.  While conversation, reading, and writing are pillars of learning a new language they are each different and unique in their own ways.  They each present their own challenges.  For instance I really wanted to be great at all 3.  Now, I would like to focus on conversation and reading.  While learning how to write all the kanji characters would definitely help in learning it is difficult and there are a number of characters to memorize.

Here are a few sites that I’ve tried for tutors:

  • Verbling
  • Wyzant
  • Italki

My next blog post I’ll mention some apps that I’ve tried out.





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Over the past month, I’ve thought of some ideas to make the theme of my blog more consistent.  I have multiple blogs, but don’t really want to write and manage all of them.   So I’ve narrowed it down to just a few.  So consistent or more frequent blog posts is what I’m aiming for.

For now, I’ve scaled back working out every single day or at least 5-6 days a week.  It’s tough to be consistent every single day.  On my rest days I try to get a couple walks in before, after, or at work for a low intensity workout.  Meal preps for half the week to get myself used to it again and so I don’t waste food.

A couple things I’m working on at the moment.  Home office.  The room was pretty much used as temporary storage.  I’ll need to move everything down into the garage to get junked or stored.

Also, I’m learning Japanese. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and I’ve always wanted to learn another language.  It just made sense to learn Japanese.  I’ll post some links and thoughts over the weekend.  Perhaps as early as tonight.




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Started training again the last few weeks.  At this point, it seems impossible that I’ll be ready for Honolulu Marathon.  We’ll see how it goes.  Last week was great, was pretty consistent and made progress.  Set out to do more this week, but didn’t go to kickboxing since I cut my finger pretty bad with my quadcopter.  Could do a little more running and gym time, but need to focus.  It’s a holiday weekend.

Current focus besides running:

  • AWS
  • Cloudstack
  • jQuery

…and of course playing with quadcopters.  I bought a few things from Osh yesterday after pigging out on Sushi.  Went out this morning but crashed pretty bad and need to do some repairs.  I decided to give the mobius another chance and have been flying with a new one the last couple weeks.  The quality isn’t as good as a GoPro and sometimes it just acts weird.  Like this morning, it didn’t capture any video.  Meh.

Mini Quad links:

blah, stomach ache

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Lunch time came later than usual today and thus was hungry.  Tried a new place near by.  Was not impressed, food is ok but the service was meh.  The wait staff is young, probably high school.  Ours bailed after taking our order and the staff was not prepared to pick up more customers during the time.  More people came, service was really bad.  The food was just ok, but it gave me a stomach ache.  I don’t think I’ll go back there again.

Racked out on the couch this afternoon.  Time to chill out before heading out to my cousin’s performance later this evening.  I need to get into a workout kinda mode again.

Two months

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Wow it’s been 2 months since I last wrote a blog post.  It’s been a busy couple of months.  I’m barely getting out of bed at noon on a Saturday.  Catching up on the some shows, currently the arrow finale, and having coffee.  No, I didn’t go out the night before.  Every once in a while I’ll have a bad case of insomnia and that spills into the next day.  I really need to cut off the energy drinks.

Let’s see if I can recap what I’ve been up to in the last couple months. Hmm…

Obviously, I started a new gig. Trying to find the balance between work, stuff at home, and being active.  I signed up for the honolulu marathon at the end of the year.  So I’ve given up alcohol again.  I’m trying not to be too gung hung ho with training and being active.  However as I type this out it dawns on me …I have a 10k tomorrow, a half next weekend and one on may 2nd.

What else.  I’ve rode my bike to work a couple times an am trying to make that a daily thing. The weather is nice so I may give it another shot.  Will probably have to leave a little earlier so I can take my time getting there instead of trying to speed pedal in.  I’ve picked up a nike fuel band but still have my fitbit.  I wear both.  A little obsessive. Yes. That’s what I mean about not trying to be too gung ho. Hey, it’s all about the journey right?  I’ve tried ultimate frisbee for the first time ever and a bunch of us at work play at lunch every thursday.

Been trying to read more.  I think I am, but I need to finish books before putting them down and picking up another.  Work life could not be any better.  I returned back to a place I spent almost 6 years of my career for my 4th position/title.  It feels like home.

Will try to improve on the blog frequency…

Relaxing weekend

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It was all fun, food, and movies this weekend.  I still need to do laundry.  Ate  @ Gerri’s grill and ringerhut, watched big hero 6 and blackhat.  I was too hyped up about blackhat.  It wasn’t as nerdy as I was hoping to be and the plot was pretty twisted.  It was meh.  Loved big hero 6.  Watching november man on dvd now. lol